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Post COVID-19 strategic conversation: Creating the future of organisations with Dr. Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi.

On the 16th of May last, we participated in the conversation on the future and organisations following the COVID-19 global crisis, together with Olga Rivera and Deusto Business Schools, as well as with Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi, professor at Miami University and at UCLA Anderson School of Management, one of the most influential business strategists of recent times.

Some keys that we would like to share, and that we believe are important. These are our TOP 6:

  1. The crisis is too important to waste. To create future, we need a vision to guide us, not taking it at face value and letting it choke us.
  2. To be efficient, we have to invest in the present to create a past, which in turns enables us to create the present. What is necessary in the future is flexibility and creating new value.
  3. If we want to invent the future, we need people who are ready to create it.
  4. In the future, the key teams will not be those who do things but those who are able to create/design new value proposals. New posts will be necessary in the organisations, such as the Chief Future Officer, able to lead these future creating teams.
  5. The future is something that is invented in the present.
  6. When the market price defines your business, you are not doing strategy, you are not generating your future.

Our mission at Gato & Partners is to be an ally to generate value in leadership and teams, in the sales processes, and in the culture of organisations. Our key is to ask the right questions to build a better world. As a result of the conversation with Alejandro Ruelas-Gossi, some questions have emerged that might help you in your challenge to tackle the new post COVID-19 situation:

  • Are you in the right market segment, with more future possibilities after COVID-19?
  • How can you indirectly target that segment?
  • Which companies are selling in those segments, for your organisation to offer them value services?
  • What makes your product different in the various markets?
  • Are your leaders and teams ready to move towards that future?


The future is created in the present. At Gato & Partners we have been helping top tier companies build a world that works better for more than 15 years. Do you want us to create this together?